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Oregon State Leather & Bootblack Application



Meet the contestants at Leather Vegas! 

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Embers Avenue

110 NW Broadway, Portland

Door opens at 6pm



Oregon Leather & Bootblack Contest!

Saturday,  August 10th, 2013

   Embers Avenue  

110 NW Broadway, Portland 

Door is at 6pm, Contest starts at 7pm



Celebrate at Tribal!

Oregon Leather Pride's Victory Party

Saturday August 10th, 2013

Local Lounge

3536 NE MLK Blvd, Portland

9pm - 'till Late!



Relax at Victory Brunch

Sunday August 11th, 2013

Charlies on Grand at the Courtyard by Marriott

435 NE Wasco, Portland

Brunch starts at 11:30


Enjoy the 12th annual

Rose & Thorn Awards

Following the Victory Brunch,

at 1pm - same location

Gallery of Judges and Contestants





After Nick left the US Military in 2004, he spent his early leather years in Texas. He spent 3 years on the board of EROS, a long standing group in Houston, and was an active member of NLA-Houston. Nick currently lives in Portland, OR with his lovely wife, and has a boyfriend in Edinburgh.
Nick is one of the founding members of the PDX bootblacks, and a Portland Leather Alliance member. He is also the Oregon State Bootblack 2011, and International Mr. Bootblack 2012. He believes by taking care of your leather, he's taking care of you.
Nick calls himself a bi-poly-pagan-kinky-gamer-geek or slut for short. He enjoys switching for impact and rough body play and loves to bite. He is also turned on by bears, armpits, gloves, and cigars.















Sarha Shaubach is a married, owned submissive, fur trader, farmer, and supermarket vegetarian.  Born and raised in Alaska, her roots at the FoxDen include her children, her mutt Lady and her chosen family including her Johnny, a retired First Sergeant, who she seduced in 2006 and has been in service to ever since.

Ten years ago, she ventured out from behind her computer screen and began hosting events of her own design. In 2009, she organized Northern Exposure, Alaska's first SM/Leather convention.  Dedicated to community involvement and expanding SM Leather education she hosts workshops, demo nights and themed parties.

In 2011, she received the Imperial Court’s of All Alaska "Most Active Title Holder" and “Rising Star Award."  Titles include The Last Frontier Men's Ms Alaska Leather 2010/2011 and International Ms Leather 2013. Sarha describes herself as happy, determined, frank, caring, human, horny and loyal. Join her on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram as IMsL2013!




Judge Sammy



Sammy is a 27 year old bootblack from Portland Oregon. His roots are as a shoeshiner. After shining shoes for a while, he realized he had a leather fetish. One of his friends told him about the leather community and bootblacking, and introduced him to his current mentor. In 2012 he competed and earned the title of Oregon State bootblack. Where he spent a year serving his community. And in 2013 he competed and won the title of International Mr. bootblack.

Sammy is into bootplay, CBT, Canoodling, and a wide spectrum of play. What really gets Sammy off is service and helping the community.













Danny is a 32 year old full-time student, big brother and new leather man.  He is a Portland native and idealist who enjoys advocacy. My shtick with leather up until recently had been mostly about fashion, getting to know this community however has opened my eyes to a whole other world of sensations and thought processes. When my predecessor Tarsus, Mr. Oregon State Leather 2011 piqued  my interest in the competition I had no idea how my world would change. My leather is as much a part of my personality as my piercings and tattoos.



















Living life and taking on those who seek to understand how we got here and where we might be going on this magical journey we call Leather.   Daddy Jeff can best be described as a survivor.  Starting in 1981, he has survived producing way too many fundraisers and contests, serving on numerous boards and committees, being a neighborhood activist, a  historian, managing a large nightclub , owning a leather shop, holding two leather titles and living with HIV.  He has survived and thrived with the help of his partner of 21 years, Dan “Puppy” Daniels.

Daddy Jeff is the Founder of Seattle Men in Leather (1989), Seattle largest Men’s Club, a Manager of The Cuff Complex (recently retired after 20 years) and Owner of Doghouse Leathers.  Currently, he is the President of the Washington State Mr/Ms Leather Organization, SML Membership Coordinator and the new VP (Alpha Male) for Seattle Pups and Handlers.   He has been working with the Mr/Ms Leather and the Drummer/LeatherSir titles for over 25 years now.  Jeff was Seattle Leather Daddy 1998 and Seattle Leather Grand Dad 2012.   He is a member of Mama’s family, LA&M, and is the Patriarch of the Bear Clan. 








Leland Carina is a photographer, writer, and designer. She serves our community as a Senior Correspondent for Leatherati.com and is the Founder of the current San Francisco girls of Leather. She was Woman of the Year for the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance and served as Leather Marshal for San Francisco Pride in 2012. Leland is currently assisting girls of Leather organizations to form and flourish in various cities across the country. She organizes two monthly events in Portland, Oregon (Queer Leather Dinner Portland and Service Social) and is a proud member of the Portland Bad Girls. To find out more, please visit her web site at LelandCarina.com




















my involvement in the leather community started in In 1997, when i attended the first Oregon State Leather Contest. When Thom Butts and Lynne Pierce were sashed i felt that i had finally found my home in their acceptance of my kink and an amazing sense of "family". During this time, i also was active in the GLBTQ community through the Imperial Sovereign Rose Court, holding several titles as my alter-ego, Krystel Belle: 1995 - Debutante XXIV, 1996 - Ms Gay Oregon XIV, and 1998 - Rose Empress XLI.

Since then, i have been a fixture of the local leather community. i have worked behind the scenes as stage manager at many of the Oregon State Leather Contests and joined the board of Blackout Leather Productions as secretary in 2004. During my time on the BLP board i helped volunteer at various fundraising activities including the Kinky Karnival. i am the previous secretary of the Portland Leather Alliance and have volunteered my time to KinkFest, the Vendors' Fair & PLAy Party, the Fetish Ball and Leather Tastings. Currently i am working with the Portland Girls of Leather.

Personally i identify as a service-oriented submissive girl. When given a job to do, i won't hesitate to roll up my sleeves and do what is needed. i hope to use my history and desire to serve to bring our community closer together to work together towards our common goals.







Scout, Northern California Community Bootblack 2013, is a man with a passion for all things boots and leather-related.  He is one of the resident bootblacks for Ms. S Leather and the bootblack coordinator for the San Francisco Eagle.  He's been bootblacking for over a decade, traveling all of the U.S. to spread the love of boots and leather.  Boots, bondage, fisting, impact play, and rough-housing are only the sexy tips of the iceberg with Scout.  He is also the brains and driver of the Bootblack van and was a founder of the PDX Bootblacks.  Scout has also mentored many bootblack babys and is now a happy bootblack grandpa and great grandpa through his value of each one teach one or five!  Scout is known to combine body-work with his bootblacking to fuse two excellent forms of service into one specialty.  In his free time he can be found hiking, camping, going on road trips, doing bodywork, bootblacking, volunteering in the community, and spreading his love of boots.














boy bill Westervelt is loving life at 50. He is currently working at Hawks PDX after 25 years as a Social Worker primarily in the Mental Health field. 2.5 years as a Chaplain Assistant in the Army gave him a great sense of structure and order, that he still craves in his life today. boy bill is on the board for the Boiys in Leather Service, is a longtime member of Portland Leathermen Dungeon and Potlucks. He has provided service to BLP and titleholders for the past 6 years. He looks forward to doing fundraising for Strength for the Journey an annual 4 day spiritual retreat for people who are HIV positive.






When considering my life and the path that led me here I envision it as an unfinished jigsaw puzzle. Each person I meet and each experience helps complete my picture. Most of my life pieces of my puzzle were missing and in the late 90’s I moved to Portland and pieces started to fill in. I found the BDSM/kink community and mostly played privately until 2006 when I started attending public events. In 2009 I joined Bad Girls and immediately knew I had found many missing pieces to my puzzle. I found family and community. With a passion to serve I dove in heart first, volunteering, serving on boards and committees including  Bad Girls, PLA, Oregon Leather Pride and helped co-found Portland girls of Leather. It is my pledge to continue to serve this community that helped me grow and my desire to see it thrive even more.







Dara has been in BDSM since 2005 and began learning leather care in his first service relationship. The love of leather and service led Dara to bootblacking and the Leather community. At COPE 2009 in Columbus, Dara first blacked in public. In Portland, Dara is an active bootblack, a Bad Girl, a submissive service boy to his Leather Daddy, DJ, a dynamic bottom, and partnered to another Leather traveler, Leatheraven. Dara has been a PDX Bootblack since its inception in early 2010. For the last four years, working together with the PDX Bootblacks at Kinkfest, s/he has raised thousands for local and national charities. Dara has bootblacked many women's, queer, and pan parties, PLA events, and DeaconX. Additionally, s/he is active in the Leather community as a Bad Girls board member and colors holder. S/he has taught bootblacking and leather care classes for the Bootblacking Weekend and Bad Girls.


















Bootblack Boy Kyle is from Rochester, New York.  He came to the NW in 2009 at the ripe age of 19 by way of greyhound, backpack, banjo, and ambition.  Since his days of being a street busking musician couch-surfing and sleeping in bushes he has lived in intentional communities, gone back to school to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in the Arts, and accepted his passion for dance, expression, and performing arts.  He’s traveled the west coast, organized benefit events for non-profit organizations, and regularly provides services for local fundraising events.  Commitment to building bridges between communities, as well as encouraging people to be comfortable in their skin is his intention.  A public bootblack and performance artist who can be found working alternative events around town, he experiences copious amounts of gratitude when he witnesses authentic character and honest expression in those around him.


















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