Oregon State Bootblack 2013



Dara has been in BDSM since 2005 and began learning leather care in his first service relationship. The love of leather and service led Dara to bootblacking and the Leather community. At COPE 2009 in Columbus, Dara first blacked in public. In Portland, Dara is an active bootblack, a Bad Girl, a submissive service boy to his Leather Daddy, DJ, a dynamic bottom, and partnered to another Leather traveler, Leatheraven. Dara has been a PDX Bootblack since its inception in early 2010. For the last four years, working together with the PDX Bootblacks at Kinkfest, s/he has raised thousands for local and national charities. Dara has bootblacked many women's, queer, and pan parties, PLA events, and DeaconX. Additionally, s/he is active in the Leather community as a Bad Girls board member and colors holder. S/he has taught bootblacking and leather care classes for the Bootblacking Weekend and Bad Girls.




Nick Elliott *


Sammy *



*  Nick Elliott also won International Mr. Bootblack 2012

*  Sammy also won International Mr. Bootblack 2013



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